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Gwen's Gourmet meets your culinary needs by providing delicious customized meals
to your tastes that are prepared for you in your home

How It Works?
Consultation is done to determine your needs and food preferences, and to answer your questions. FAQ
Meal Planning is created based on your specific needs and desires. Your menu is created and sent to you for approval. Click to view Sample Menu.
Grocery Shopping is done for you, in which only the freshest quality foods are purchased.
Cooking is executed in your home. Chef Gwen arrives at your home with cookware and supplies, to prepare, package, label your meals. Your cuisines are place in your refrigerator or freezer for your convenience.
Clean-up is executed by Chef Gwen. Your kitchen is left clean with the pleasant aroma of fresh cuisine cooked that day.

Custom Meal Service

Entrée plus one side
2 meals / 4 serving = 8 total meals
3 meals / 2 servings = 6 total meals
3 meals / 4 servings = 12 total meals

Entrée ONLY
Standard offers
4 entrées / 4 servings = 16 entrées
5 entrées / 4 servings = 20 entrées

Private or Romantic Dinners
Each Person Receives:

1 salad
1 appetizer
1 main course
2 side dishes
1 dessert

Customized menu planning, grocery shopping, food, meal preparation,
table setting, serving, and clean-up are included with this service.

Small Event Catering
Dinner / Birthday Parties
Family Gatherings
Bridal & Baby Showers
Anniversary Parties & More

Chef Gwen arrives at your home or event location, and prepares the cuisines for your special event. The food is ready to serve and allows you time to enjoy your guests.

Group and Individual Culinary Instruction
Ladies Night Out
Cooking Demonstrations
Adult Cooking Parties
Children Cooking Lessons

Have fun while you and/or your guests learn how to cook a specific cuisine...and afterwards, enjoy your tasty creation!

Gift Certificates
Perfect for:

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays
Newlyweds, New Parents, Busy Professional
Corporate Employees, Clients
Someone recovering from illness or medical procedure

Gift certificates are available for any of the services
provided by Gwen’s Gourmet