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Thanks Chef Gwen for the "Special 4 Course Valentine Dinner that was exquisitely and professionally prepared for me. This was my 1st experience of having a personal chef prepare a meal in the home. You could tell this meal was personally thought out with "Me" in mind. I was very impressed with the quality of the food and presentation from the time I entered the room. The personal service I received from Chef Gwen was outstanding. I was told all I needed to do was to sit back and enjoy. The food was excellent in taste and so appealing to the eye. I just starred at it for a while before I commenced to eating. The desert was scrumptious and also cooked in a personal serving dish. I had the ultimate dining experience. This was such a pleasurable experience and I look forward to employing her services in the future. Gwen is a talented professional with a loving personality. I highly recommend Chef Gwen as your Personal Chef!!! You could get no better in a 5 star restaurant.

C. Whatley, Kennesaw, GA

I am amazed by what a hugely positive effect Gwen has had on our family's life. It is very important to us to eat healthy foods, and we love to have dinners as a family at home, but with a newborn at home I was having a hard time making that happen consistently. Gwen did all of the necessary shopping - and graciously allowed me to make all of my finicky requests! - brought everything to our house, prepared the food, and left the kitchen clean and smelling great. We couldn't even wait for her to leave to start eating - we had her chicken curry as our first dish and it is still my favorite! She stocks our freezer with delicious meals, so all I need to do is select an entree, throw some salad from a bag on the plate and maybe a steamed veggie, and we have an amazing dinner in no time at all. It is a huge plus to me that I know the ingredients are high quality - she purchases organic and sustainable foods, per my request, and I'm thrilled with her service. We have also used Gwen to prepare food for a large family gathering at our house, and it was perfect. She and I worked on the menu and recipes together, which I love to do, and then she came the day before my event to prepare all dishes. She plated them on my serving ware and placed them in our fridges, so the day of the event all I needed to do was set the buffet. Everyone raved about the food. She is awesome, and I'd recommend her service wholeheartedly. It may seem indulgent to have a "personal chef," but truly, it is cost-effective and an investment in your family's health and well-being. You will be surprised by how natural it becomes to work with her, she is warm, friendly, professional, and a wonderful chef.

K. Waldron, Marietta, GA

Thank you Chef Gwen for such a wonderful experience. This was a gift for my wife after she delivered our baby, and was not able to cook. We wanted healthy meals that were nutritious (no fast-food or take out) for mom and baby, so the six days of meals that Chef Gwen prepared was very delicious and nutritious. We were not expecting such a lavish experience, but were pleasantly amazed. The food was awesome, an epicurean delight, only surpassed by the TLC in which it was prepared. Another great benefit was that we didn't have to fight traffic; it was prepared in our home, by Chef Gwen herself. To sum it up, we were not surprised by the experience but we were blown away by her professionalism. We will wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone who treasures a fabulous dining experience.

The Riddles, Hiram, GA

Gwen came in and set up shop! She had the house filled with a wonderful aromas. I was in and out with work, and was very surprised at how quick all the meals were prepared. Normally my wife or I would cook, while the other spends time with the children. It's very refreshing just to sit down and have a meal after a busy day without taking the time prepare it. The best thing of all is that the kids enjoyed all the food. By far an excellent service, very convenient, and nothing but beneficial!

J. Williamson, Douglasville, GA

I have used Gwen on more than one occasion to supply meals for events and would do so again. She is punctual and arrives prepared and ready to work. She has great kitchen organizational skills that allow her to have the meals prepared on time. Her cooking is fresh, hearty and delicious and she is creative in her menu planning. I have always recieved rave reviews from her work and would recommend her to anyone needing meal preperation sevices either at home or for a small group.

M. McPherrin, Kennesaw, GA

Gwen came to our home and prepared 5 meals, 4 servings per meal for a total of 10 meals, 20 servings. She also did the grocery shopping for the meals. This service allowed us to eat healthier because we didn't have to eat out or resort to fast food. It allowed us to complete other tasks/chores in the evenings because no one had to spend the time to cook dinner or go grocery shopping. This made for more productive evenings. The food was delicious, the kitchen was as clean if not cleaner when she left, and she was very professional. Working parents, single parents, high ranking professionals, and just simply people who can't cook would all benefit from Gwen's services. A healthy diet is very important and often that is overlooked by people who just don't have the time or the "know-how" to provide it for themselves and that's where Gwen's Gourmet comes in. We really appreciated the chance to experience Gwen and her expert cooking skills!

C. Preyor, Union City, GA

Gwen's Gourmet provided us a 5 star romantic dinner in the comforts of our own home. Many people don't know that they can receive such great service at home for the same cost or close to the price of what they might pay in a 5 star restaurant. Excellent Service!

U. Chima, Atlanta, GA

Quick, Fun, Delicious and Professional. I was amazed how knowledgeable she was about our needs based on a phone conversation. Her service has saved me time and energy. I am a working wife and mother and is now able to spend more time with my family. This service is something that every working parent needs. It's a gift that keeps on giving. Professional service along with tasty meals. You can't go wrong with Gwen's Gourmet.

A. Scott, Marietta, GA

Gwen's Gourmet Personal Chef Service is excellent for me and my situation. The convenience of her cooking the meals at my home is a great help for me with the disabilities I have! This service is conventient, cost effective, and time saving! Chef Gwen dicussed with me in length foods I liked and disliked, also noting any allergies I have to foods and seasonings before purchasing and preparing food for me. She came to my home and prepare my preapproved menu; providing all the necessary cookware, foods, and containers. After preparation my kitchen was left spotless and clean. I have referred others to Gwen's Gourmet. This service can help many singles or families save time, not going to pickup foods, not having to cook everyday, no preparation before eating, and no cleanup afterwards.

S. Waller, Smyrna, GA

Gwen blessed the Black Women's Roundtable with an awesome demonstration of how to create a healthy snack at home to take on the go! The demonstration showed how quick and easy the process of eating healthy can be. This demonstration showed how easy and cost effective it is to take only a few minutes to prepare the kind of snack that will not only taste good but also fuel our minds and bodies as we are busy on the go! I definitely recommend Gwen's Gourmet services to others because of her professionalism, effectiveness and awesome cooking skills!

Y. Neals, Riverdale, GA